What Is Going on Here?

Birds falling from the sky.  Fish floating up to the surface and washing up shore.  Cows falling over dead.  All mysteries that have just occurred for no particular reason, or is there?  On January 1, 2011 the first day of the new year is supposed to be a start of something fresh, but not for birds in Beebe, Arkansas.  At least 1,000 red-winged blackbirds were found dead across lawns, streets and rooftops which has scared many people to this day.  Experts are saying this may have been caused by a severe lightning or high-altitude hail.
This isn’t all what has been happening in Arkansas, a recorded 100,000 drum fish have been found floating dead along a 20-mile stretch of a river in Little Rock.  A possible disease is at it best for this reason for why they mysteriously appeared dead, but no one really knows.  These two reason are apparently unrelated but have happened within a couple days of each other and in the same state.  Also, along Maryland’s coast millions of fish carcasses were gathered along the beaches.
Migrating up north to Wisconsin, where about 200 cows have been found dead for a cause which is unknown.  Samples were sent to a lab for testing to figure out what is happening to all these innocent animals are being found dead.  Some say this is a Biblical prophecy or may even be a government conspiracy. Whatever this is, I really hope the real reason behind this is answered so we can go on with our lives and not worry why this happening.  Can this happen to humans?  Can this happen to you and I?  I sure hope not.
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